How Patented Dry Fog Method Can Kill All Hidden Mold

You have many options available to you for eliminating unsightly mold that is easy to access. Unfortunately there are fewer options when the mold is lurking in places you can’t easily reach – like behind your walls, under the foundation, and other “impossible areas” out of the reach of complete mechanically removal. This is where Pure Maintenance’s patented two-step Dry Fog process outperforms other options. Some mold toxins are small enough to pass through walls, which is why family members suffer from chronic sinus and inflamed asthma conditions even when mold cannot be seen. By the way, people are not the only ones who experience mold exposure illness – mold poisoning in dogs is common in untreated houses. Our dry fog mold treatment solution envelopes every item and open space and fills every visible and hidden cavity in your home. Simply leave your furniture and everything else in place and, like every other surface in your home, they too will benefit from our foggers creating an inhospitable environment for pathogens, mildews, and molds alike. Our dry fog sterilant kills all health damaging micro-organisms.

If there is no significant water damage, the entire process doesn’t take a week as it can with other mechanical removal remediation solutions. Instead, our non-toxic solution works in a just few hours. Mold and mildew are eliminated with no sticky or wet residue left behind. Undesirable, musty mildew odors along with any other smells such as cigarette smoke or other odors are eliminated as well. What is left behind is a fresh, slightly vinegar-like smell that will go away within just a couple days. Plus, the treatment is non-toxic, so you can reenter your space the same day within an hour or two of treatment completion. No demolition to clean up, no wondering if you got it all, and no need to reconstruct

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  • Victoria Addington says:

    I’m delighted you emphasized how the dry fog fills every crevice and open area in your house, covering both the apparent and invisible spaces. Considering all the impacts of mold and how they might lead to asthma and sinus problems. I’m delighted there are strategies to get rid of them. Mold and mildew removal techniques that are non-toxic have been on my aunt’s search list. Dry fog humidification, in my opinion, would be beneficial. I’ll make sure to let her know this and give her help.

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    Who is Jeff Neeley?

    Jeff Neeley is an industry expert and the trusted authority in mold remediation in Nebraska. As the owner and CEO of Pure Maintenance Mold Removal in Nebraska since August 2019, Jeff has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in tackling mold-related issues. With an unwavering commitment to safety and effectiveness, he has successfully treated hundreds of homes, ensuring the well-being of both occupants and their beloved pets. Jeff's comprehensive approach leaves no room for compromise, as he meticulously addresses every aspect of mold removal to deliver exceptional results.