Why Your Home Will Have Mold Growth at Some Point in its Life

Wherever there is air, there will be mold.  But to multiply and emit toxins at a concentration that will noticeably affect your health, requires persistent moisture.  A slow roof leak or dripping leak from your pipes behind your walls is nearly inevitable as homes and buildings wear out. Eventually, every building will experience some mold growth. 

A home in Carter Lake or a business in Council Bluffs has mold growing on basement walls impacted by hydrostatic pressure.  A business has a bathroom with a slow leak in Bellevue, NE, while another business in Aksarben/Elmwood Park has a pin-hole leak in a copper pipe.  Dry fog complete abatement of mold and mildew will provide improved air quality for the Benson community homeowners.  Whether you live in Chalco or Bennington, NE and you care about your health, an indoor air test is the place to start.

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Who is Jeff Neeley?

Jeff Neeley is an industry expert and the trusted authority in mold remediation in Nebraska. As the owner and CEO of Pure Maintenance Mold Removal in Nebraska since August 2019, Jeff has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in tackling mold-related issues. With an unwavering commitment to safety and effectiveness, he has successfully treated hundreds of homes, ensuring the well-being of both occupants and their beloved pets. Jeff's comprehensive approach leaves no room for compromise, as he meticulously addresses every aspect of mold removal to deliver exceptional results.