Service Areas

Pure Maintenance Nebraska serves the Greater Omaha - Lincoln area. Check the list of the cities where we can help you!

Serving Nebraska and Western Iowa

We are located in Omaha, Nebraska, with a mission to make the homes and businesses of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa healthy again.

If you can’t find your location here, send us a message to see if we can make the trip to help you!



Mold remediation should not take long! Our patented process kills mold in your home or business within 8 hours!



Our method is demolition-free, so you can forget about extra expenses to renovate your home after we get rid of mold.



The products we use are non-toxic and are EPA and FDA approved. It’s safe to re-enter your business or home later on the same day of treatment.

Cities That We Serve

Service Area - Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs

Starting in Omaha, we service Midtown and Midtown Crossing, areas in downtown, and neighborhoods close to downtown Omaha. We also serve Leavenworth to the west and neighborhoods close to Creighton University and I480, and all along the 75 such as the Conestoga Community. Then, we serve north toward Florence, and up towards Fort Calhoun. To the south we serve South Omaha, Capehart and the Offutt Air Force Base, all the way down to Plattsmouth. Customers to the west use our services in Elkhorn, including mold removal in Green Meadows, pathogen removal in West Omaha, and odor removal  in Millard, NE and Chalco, NE. Directly East we serve neighborhoods in Council Bluffs, IA.

If you are far from Omaha, or in farm communities, there is a good chance we can make it out further. We visit and service customers as far as Fremont, NE and Blair, NE. We also occasionally make trips to Lincoln, NE. We can either have a test kit sent to your home, then travel out to you after you have confirmed mold,  or we can refer you to one of our mold experts from another one of our nationwide locations.

Whether you have a home in Washington County,Sarpy County,Douglas County, or Pottawattamie County, then our team will certainly be able to take care of your needs. In certain instances, when you live far out and you see the value of Pure Maintenance we can have a mold test kit sent out to your house for the normal cost of the third-party lab service. Once we have a better assessment and confidence in your mold situation, then we can schedule a trip out to your place, or we will make a recommendation for another Pure Maintenance Location that may be closer to you. Click here, to learn more about mold removal in Omaha.