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Breathe pure with demolition-free mold removal. Feel safe with advanced disinfection services.
Pure Maintenance Nebraska.


Breathe pure with demolition-free mold removal.
Live safe with advanced disinfection services.
Pure Maintenance Nebraska.

Revolutionary Treatment for Your Home or Business in Nebraska

Have a mold problem but don’t want your home or workspace torn apart? At Pure Maintenance Nebraska, we use our patented process to eliminate even the hardest mold problems with no demolition in less than a day. Additionally, we’ll also treat your whole home or business for less than competitors charge to address one or two rooms.

Have a virus or unwanted germ spreading in your home or office? Our technology started as a better way to sanitize and disinfect medical facilities. While our patented process is safe for people and pets, it’s lethal enough to kill Anthrax, Ring Worm, Flu Virus, Hand Foot & Mouth, and more. To be sure your clean environment lasts, we apply an EPA-registered antimicrobial that provides 90 days of protection.

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Why Choose Us

Finally, there’s a mold remediation and disinfection service in the Omaha-Lincoln area worth talking about! We can help you get rid of mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses once and for all, so you can live healthy again!

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Fastest Work

Mold remediation in 7 hours, instead of the national average of 5 days.

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Certified Experts

We are MICRO Certified Mold Remediation Contractors.

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Safe for People and Pets

Products we use are safe, EPA-registered and regularly used to treat our own homes.

What Our Clients Say

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Pure Maintenance Nebraska Services

Demolition-free Mold Removal

Pure Maintenance Nebraska provides demolition free mold removal

Pure Maintenance Nebraska provides fast whole-home mold removal and remediation, and it doesn’t require any demolition!

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing by Jeff Neeley

Do you suspect mold but can’t see it? To assess the mold spore level in your business or home, we perform air quality testing.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Treatment after air quality and mold testing in Omaha - Lincoln area

Our patented disinfection method not only kills harmful pathogens on contact, but it leaves all surfaces protected for up to 90 days!

Before and After Results

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Pure Maintenance and Us Army Corp

US Army Confirms Effectiveness

We were honored to help the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where our two-step dry fog technology was put to the test for 6 months. Based on the results, the Pure Maintenance treatment proved to be effective at killing mold, disinfecting surfaces, and keeping it from returning.

Learn more about Pure Maintenance and US Army Corps of Engineers in this case study:

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Pure Maintenance has served thousands of people across the nation, so we know what questions you might ask.

Yes. While lethal to mold, germs and harmful microorganisms, the EPA-registered products we use in our process are non-toxic and pet-safe.

Mold is not only dangerous to you but also for your pets. Read our articles about mold poisoning in dogs and symptoms of mold exposure.

If all moisture and water issues are resolved and properly managed, this is a very long-term solution.  We’ve done tests over five years after treatment that indicate no mold growth.

Our dry fog process treats the entire indoor living space. The HVAC ductwork is also treated for mold removal. If there are concerns about mold in wall cavities, we just insert a small hole and inject fog into the wall cavity.