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Do you need mold removal and remediation in your Omaha home or business? Do you suspect a mold problem but aren’t sure? We’re here to lend a hand, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Why Pure Maintenance for Mold Removal in Omaha?

Finally, there’s a mold removal and remediation service in Omaha worth talking about! Pure Maintenance has a revolutionary way to treat your home or business. Whether it’s black, green, or white mold it’s not wanted! It can lead to damage to your home or business. Most importantly, mold can lead to serious health issues and put you and your family at risk! Rest assured that we can make your home or business safe again, and we can do it fast, affordably, and safely.



Mold remediation should not take long! Our patented process kills mold in your home or business within 8 hours.



Our method is demolition-free, so you can forget about extra expenses to renovate your home after we get rid of mold.



The products we use are non-toxic and are EPA and FDA approved. It’s safe to re-enter your business or home later on the same day of treatment.

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Mold removal and remediation process in Omaha - Lincoln area

How Do We Remove Mold?

The process behind our demolition-free mold removal is simple and consists of two steps; first InstaPURE, and then with EverPURE. Our unique process is lethal on mold and harmful pathogens, but it is safe for people and pets!

1. InstaPURE – The Safe and Powerful Way to Kill Mold. We start by killing and denaturing mold with an EPA and FDA approved sterilant called InstaPURE. When InstaPURE is applied, it is applied as a fog made. The droplets in the fog are small so they don’t oversaturate the ceiling, walls, and other surfaces. . We call this “dry fog.”

Through our dry fog process, InstaPURE makes contact with every square inch of surface,and every cubic foot of air.This can be applied in your home, office, airplane, car, or RV. If there are concerns in a wall cavity, we can inject the dry fog there as well.

2. EverPURE – Protection that Lasts. After safely and effectively killing mold and pathogens with InstaPURE, we follow up with EverPURE. EverPURE helps prevent new mold spores and pathogens.

EverPURE provides an EPA verified 90 days of protection. This antimicrobial sits on your doorknobs, walls, keyboard, and every other surface of your home or office, waiting for the next mold spore or pathogen looking for a place to land. When they land, EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

The average time it takes us to remove mold is about 7 hours. Within an hour of completion you, your family, pets, co-workers, and friends can safely re-enter.

Other Services

Mold Testing

Do you suspect an airborne mold problem, but are not sure? That is what we are here for! After familiarizing themselves with your property, our technicians can take air samples from your Omaha business or home and have them analyzed by a certified third-party lab.

Our price for these services is typically a bit lower than competitors, and we won’t recommend getting more samples taken than is absolutely necessary because it will be a higher expense for you.


Our disinfection and protection process helps us eliminate more germs on over 2x the  surface area than competing methods! With our process, you can rest assured that your home or business is safe. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about new germs landing on surfaces, as we protect surfaces for an EPA-approved 90 days.

Rather than just choosing the cheapest option, who bought their disinfection and mold remediation equipment online, contact us if you want your indoor space to be safe!. If you’re here in the Omaha area, we’d be happy to show you the Pure Maintenance difference with a free demo.

A Revolutionary Way To Remove Mold

The patented Pure Maintenance two-step process safely eliminates microscopic mold spores in the air and surfaces and prevents their return. We do it in a day or less, at a fraction of the cost of traditional competitors with no demolition, saving you the hassle and high cost of rebuilding.

First Step of Mold Removal Process Omaha, NE

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Mold Mitigation and Remediation in Omaha, NE

Do you have indoor allergies in the winter? Do you feel healthier when you are away from your workplace or home? Many in Omaha suffer the various negative effects of high mold levels at work or in their home.

We will make your home or business clean and safe again.

We perform mold removal in most areas in Omaha including Elkhorn, Gretna, Bennington, Bellevue, Aksarben, Millard, West Omaha, Downtown Omaha, Chalco, Ralston, La Vista, and more. Check out all our other locations!

Mold Growth In Omaha -The Impact of Black Mold on Home Health & School and Business Environments in Omaha & Council Bluffs is Real

Although the Climate in Omaha, Nebraska is less conducive to mold growth inside the walls of homes and other structures, areas of high moisture such as leaking pipes, weeping basement walls, or compromised roofs are all vulnerable to mildew and mold growth. It doesn’t take much mold to generate enough airborne mold spores to create enough toxicity to impact the compromised immune systems of those staying at assisted living centers, or young children at home and at schools.

Whether you live  in Ralston, up north in Washington and Bennington, or in the suburbs in Council Bluffs in Chautauqua, you can benefit from a mold inspection. Whether you are in Offutt AFB, close to Bellevue, NE or all the way north in Fort Calhoun and Blair, NE you could, without knowing, be subject to the toxic effects of mold irritants.