Advanced Disinfection and Sanitization Services in Omaha-Lincoln

We will disinfect and protect your entire building within 8 hours, leaving surfaces clean and protected for up to 90 days!

Why Pure Maintenance?

Are you, your family, employees, or customers concerned about invisible enemies in your space? If you’re serious about disinfecting and protecting your business or home from harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi, then you’ll love our disinfect and protect service. Our patented technology got its roots years ago while disinfecting medical buildings. While we’re relatively new to the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln area, for over 15 years our service has made thousands of homes and businesses safe again.

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Quick Disinfection

While disinfecting over 2X the surface area as competing methods, our proprietary dry fog process is also efficient, allowing you to quickly get back to living and working safely again.

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EPA Approved

InstaPURE is EPA approved to kill Anthrax, CDIFF, MRSA, Ring Worm, Flu Virus, Hand Foot & Mouth, Human Coronavirus, H1N1, and more.

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Within an hour of completing our disinfection process, it is safe to re-enter the building. Our method doesn’t make anything wet or leave any residue. We use our products to treat own homes regularly!

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Our Story Sets Us Apart

Our patented process got its start disinfecting medical facilities from viruses and bacteria. In our early years, as we sprayed and wiped disinfectants we often asked, “are we disinfecting all needed surfaces effectively”? and “how long will these surfaces stay clean”?

Years of innovating led to our powerful two-stage “Dry Fog” process that kills harmful pathogens and prevents their return for an *EPA approved 90 days.

Recently our patented technology has been used to disinfect and protect facilities for the following: U.S. Capitol Building, Hoover Dam Visitor Center, many hotels, schools and more. Locally we have serviced numerous charter aircraft, business offices, dentist offices, medical facilities, gyms, cars, RV’s and many homes.

We are ready to serve our community and protect it by disinfecting your property in Greater Omaha – Lincoln area.

How Pure Maintenance disinfection process is different from wiping

For Work and Home

Pure Maintenance for Workplace

Do you work in a place with equipment shared by others? Do you serve patients at a medical or dental office? We provide our patented two-stage service for workplaces like yours not only to disinfect and protect for 90 days but to provide assurance to all who enter that your place is Pure Maintenance Certified.

We will come back every 90 days to provide another round of protection and high level of confidence that your employees and customers want and deserve. To be sure employees and customers know what you’re doing for them we can make a short video of your facility being treated for you to show to others.

Pure Maintenance for Home

Home disinfection is hard to do on your own. Over-the-counter products have specific dwell times that almost never get reached. Imagine a virus the size of the tip of a pin possibly being somewhere in your home. While keeping your home clean is important, scrubbing every square inch of your home may be a nearly impossible task. With our Dry Fog system, more than possible it’s fairly simple.

Do you or one of your loved ones have an illness or disease leaving you with a weakened immune system? When in a weakened or compromised state serious complications can come from exposure to common household bacteria and viruses. The miracle of Dry Fog has helped people with compromised immune systems from picking up secondary infections. For homes with elderly, sick or young children, this is a treatment health-conscious families shouldn’t go without.

A Revolutionary Way To Disinfection and Protect

We fill a building with dry fog that will penetrate into the smallest of cracks and will kill all the bacteria and virus. We are not just killing it until the next sneeze or touch, but we apply a powerful surface protection that creates antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces of the building. It will ensure that for 90 days germs will not survive on those surfaces.

How does the Pure Maintenance Process Work?

Step One: Disinfection with InstaPURE

We begin by disinfecting all surfaces with a safe, non-toxic yet powerful sterilant called InstaPURE. We apply it through what we call a “Dry Fog” where fog droplets are 6 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair allowing millions of these droplets to hit surfaces and bounce rather than breaking and getting them wet like a normal fog. Our “dry fog” with InstaPURE disinfects every surface it touches, and it makes contact with more than twice the area of wiping, electrostatic sprayers or other foggers.

Step Two: Protection with EverPURE

After disinfecting surfaces with InstaPURE we want the inside of your business or home to stay clean and germ-free. To give you lasting protection we apply a safe and long-lasting antimicrobial called EverPURE.

EverPURE provides an EPA-registered 90 days of protection against mold and some of the toughest pathogens. Our process treats for Anthrax, Staph, CDiff, Flu Virus, Hand Foot and Mouth, H1N1, and more.

EverPure Application Process

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What Our Clients Say

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Virus and Bacteria Disinfection in Nebraska

Don’t let the virus make the rules in your house or business. Get rid of potential threats by ordering a disinfection in your area and enjoy the safety, health, and peace of mind.

Besides virus disinfection, we treat mold problems and perform mold testing.



Though Pure Maintenance Nebraska strives to adhere to local guidance and protocol from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no testing that exists to ensure total elimination of the coronavirus. Pure Maintenance Nebraska guarantees that its process curbs the surface-to-person spread and threat of coronavirus. However, Pure Maintenance Nebraska, nor any entity, can guarantee with 100% certainty the total  eradication of Covid-19. As transmission can take place through airborne
projection, our treatment will mitigate risk but does not claim to eliminate the possibility of transmission in a Pure Maintenance Nebraska treated facility.