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Pure Maintenance uses a unique way to treat your home. Do you need mold removal in your Council Bluffs home? We are here to lend a hand, so don't hesitate to ask for help.

Why Hire Us to Remove Mold in Council Bluffs?

It is a disaster when you have mold in your home! Not only does it look bad, but it can also cause serious health issues! Our company will conduct a quick, affordable, and safe mold remediation in Council Bluffs, to make your home free of mold again.



Mold remediation should not take long! Our patented process kills mold in your home or business within 8 hours.



Our method is demolition-free, so you can forget about extra expenses. Our method is demolition-free!



Our non-toxic, pet-safe process means you can safely re-enter your business or home later on the same day of treatment.

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Mold removal and remediation process in Omaha - Lincoln area

How Do We Remove Mold?

Our demolition-free mold removal process, using EPA-registered products effective at killing mold and harmful viruses, involves just three steps:

  • TEST – You can choose to have an air quality test to gauge the severity of your mold infestation. An independent lab will be used to determine the air-borne mold spore count which our technicians use to set your treatment plan.
  • TREAT – After setting up your space for treatment, we release dry fog sterilant to treat all of the air throughout your home. The sterilant permeates your living space, including even the HVAC, attic insulation, sheet-rock, carpet, and every other place that mold spores can travel.
  • PROTECT – After all the bacteria, viruses, and mold in your home are killed, the second dry-fogging step is started. using an EPA-certified disinfectant that protects your house and surfaces against microbes for 90 days!

As we mentioned before, the average dry-fogging clean up takes about 7 hours. When complete, your family, pets, colleagues, and friends can safely reenter the house.

Other Services

Mold Testing

Think you may have an airborne mold problem? We can help you know for sure with testing After familiarizing themselves with your property, our technicians can take air samples from your Council Bluffs business or home and have them analyzed by a certified third-party lab.

We aim to have very competitive pricing and will not require more samples (added costs) than is absolutely necessary to give you confidence in our treatment.


Rest assured your home or business is safe with our disinfection and protection process.  It eliminates more germs on over twice the surface area compared to competing methods! Plus, your surfaces are protected from new germs with an EPA-registered 90-day disinfectant.

Choose the mold remediation option that is recommended by many natural health practitioners. Contact us if you want your indoor space to be safe! If you’re here in the Council Bluffs area, we’d be happy to show you the Pure Maintenance difference with a free demo.

A Unique Way To Mold Removal

We fill a building with dry fog that kills mold and penetrates the smallest of cracks. That way, not only surface molds are eliminated, but also mold spores in the air. To finish it off, we apply a disinfecting barrier that prevents mold reinfecting the surfaces, thus protecting your home from future mold problems.

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Mold Removal and Remediation in Council Bluffs, IA

If you smell or see black, white, or green mold in your house, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. A stuffy nose, red or itchy eyes and skin are common physical symptoms that indicate there could be mold in your home.

We will make your home clean and safe, so don’t hesitate to request Pure Maintenance for mold removal in Council Bluffs, IA and surrounding areas!